woman in purple polo shirt wearing eyeglassesWe meet our neighbors right where they are, those that find themselves in need to continue living in our community. With your help, our mission continues to be to help lift them up and out of their struggle. Here are just a few stories of our neighbors who have asked for help.

Please note that stories are based on client experiences, names have been changed to protect our client’s confidentiality.

Food Assistance

Mandy – Even with a full-time job, the cost of her monthly bills far outweighs her income. Stretching her income by shopping monthly at our Food Bank put nutritious options on the table.

Jennifer – When Jennifer’s adult daughter got sick and was unable to work, she found that her full-time job wasn’t enough to support the family, including her three grandchildren. Jennifer is thankful that she can visit the Food Bank and that her grandchildren are enrolled to receive Rocket Pack snack bags weekly, so they are not hungry in school.

Healthcare Assistance

Michelle – A long-time Steamboat resident, Michelle suffered a severely broken limb that impacted her ability to work her two jobs. Insurance paid for some of her medical bills, but assistance from our Healthcare Program reduced her stress and allowed her to focus on recovery and participating in physical therapy.

Hope for the Future Scholarship

Joe – Joe grew up in poverty and worked to end the poverty cycle for his wife and three children. With rising costs of living and a high school education, he couldn’t get ahead. Because of your support, our Hope for the Future Scholarship gave Joe the opportunity to go back to school for welding.

Rocket Pack Program

Josie – Josie’s a 6-year-old living in Routt County. She is kind, courageous and lives in hunger everyday. While most of her friends and classmates will eat 21 meals and 14 snacks each week, Josie only gets 4 meals as she attends school 4 days a week and relies on her school’s Free Lunch Program. Because of your support, our Rocket Pack Program provides Josie with 2 snacks a day to provide more nutrition and energy.

Utility Assistance

Richard – Forced to stretch their budgets to the very max, many families make costly sacrifices, like going without food or heat, just like your neighbor Richard. A retiree, he was in need of Utility Assistance because even with a Social Security pension, he is left with very little to cover bills. Seniors and retirees in Routt County often struggle to make ends meet each month.

Sara – Sara’s husband left her and her three children and she’s been working two jobs to survive. Because of your support, our Utility Assistance Program allowed Sara to keep the heat on and spare her children from the cold winter weather.


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