THIS IS WHERE WE MEET OUR NEIGHBORS. Those that find themselves in a struggle to continue living here … looking for a way to thrive. We can help LIFT them UP out of their struggle. TOGETHER, WE CAN ALL THRIVE RIGHT HERE IN ROUTT COUNTY. Here are just a few stories of our beautiful neighbors who asked for help:



Josie is a 6-year-old girl living here in Routt County.  She is beautiful, kind, and courageous … but she lives in hunger every day.  While most kids her age eat 21 meals and 14 snacks each week, Josie only gets 4 meals … she has school 4 days per week and relies solely on their Free Lunch Program.  Because of LiftUp’s Rocket Pack program, she now gets 6 snacks a day to give her more nutrition and energy. Learn how you can feed hungry kids in Routt County.



Sara’s husband left her and her 3 kids last year. Since then, she’s been working 2 jobs to keep her family afloat. Through LiftUp's utility program, Sara was able to pay her heat bill, keep the heat on, and spare her kids from Rocky Mountain cold winter weather. Learn how you can help neighbors in crisis.



Joe grew up in poverty and worked tirelessly to end the cycle for his family.  He worked hard to support his wife and 3 kids, but with rising costs of living and only a high school education, he just couldn’t seem to get ahead financially.  LiftUp’s Hope for the Future scholarship gave Joe the opportunity to go back to school for welding. Learn how you can help your neighbors on their path from survive to thrive.

Every day, we see how much money can impact one’s life, so we are acutely aware of the importance of all of our funds. We take great care in ensuring all income is used efficiently so that we can pour as much as possible right back into the community. Take a look at our financials to get a feel for our financial stewardship; you can find them on Guidestar

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Our non-profit is governed by a 12-15 member Board of Directors that represents several community entities, including several faith organizations. The Board of Directors hires and supervises an executive director to carry out and manage the daily aspects of the organization.

Bob Schuellein

Bob Schuellein

Diana Sperry


Vice President


Erik Petersen


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Bette Carlson

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Dr. Diana Hornung

Troy Lewis

Troy Lewis

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Barb Parnell

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Chris Rapp


Bill Watkins

Our LiftUp team carries the passion for our mission everyday. We always welcome new friends, so don’t be afraid to reach out!


Sue Fegelein

Executive Director

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Vie Rhodes

Vie Rhodes

Volunteer Coordinator

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April Cretney


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Jeni Holloway

HR Generalist

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Food Bank Manager

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Tina Delany

Case Manager

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Peggy Pagliaro

Thrift Store Manager


Lina Grant

Donation Center Manager

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