person writing bucket list on bookDo you find yourself thinking about the future? While no one can predict with any certainty what it holds, we have one guaranteed way for you to create the future, for you to help children and families, individuals and seniors: By making a planned gift to LiftUp in your estate planning.

Your personal legacy can be one of loving kindness. Of a wisdom and compassion that are still too rare. Consider making it count even more for neighbors in need with a planned gift.

When you think about it, planned giving makes a lot of sense: If you take time to plan now, you can make sure that our community can thrive in the future.

What is Planned Giving?

The transfer of assets through legal, written means to a nonprofit organization like LiftUp during your lifetime or more often as part of your estate plan. Assets can include things you might know about, and some you might not think of. Life insurance policies, retirement assets, real estate, stocks, jewelry, and checking and savings accounts are some of the most common forms of planned gifts.

Isn’t this kind of giving mostly for wealthy people?

No, nope, not at all! Most of planned giving donors are everyday people who work full time. If you have assets, the key thing is to establish plans for what will happen to them. A checking or savings account, life insurance policy, retirement account – any of these assets could help neighbors in need and the programs we offer for them.

What if I’ve already included LiftUp in my planning?

If you’ve already decided to include us in your plans, thank you very much! Please consider letting us know. To help you tell us about your gift and to make sure that we, along with your heirs and administrators, can honor your wishes please complete this form: LiftUp Estate Letter of Intent. Your information and plans will remain confidential.

Please return your completed form by email or mail:

  • LiftUp Routt County, ATTN: Planned Giving, 2125 Curve Court, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

How does it work?

Depending on the asset, you can usually name LiftUp Routt County as a beneficiary in a few minutes. You can add us as a beneficiary for your retirement or insurance plans, or include us in your will or trust with just a few sentences. We recommend sharing this sample language with your estate planning attorney or financial planner:

I give to LiftUp Routt County,

a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered

in Steamboat Springs, CO, EIN #84-1385379,

$ (amount) or (percentage).

Designating LiftUp as one of your beneficiaries usually costs nothing during your lifetime and can easily be revoked if your circumstances change.

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