Monthly Giving Program - The Hope Collective


What is one of the best ways to support our mission to end hunger and provide basic human needs? Become a monthly donor! Your monthly gift, just a $10 per month commitment, creates reliable funding year-round. That's really important because the need for food, utility, housing and healthcare assistance is a year-round need in Routt County.


A collective is defined as a group that shares or is motivated by at least one common issue or interest or work together to achieve a common objective. We are all invested in providing food, assistance and a LiftUp to our neighbors and children in need!


Can you give up your daily cup of coffee to feed and support neighbors in need? To honor your commitment, we host monthly Coffee Hours at LiftUp that include coffee, donuts, facility tours and a prize drawing! Coffee Hours are also a great way to meet staff and board members and learn more about the accomplishments you have helped us achieve!


We'll roll out perks on an on-going basis that may include exclusive Thrift Store promotions or discounts, LiftUp premiums a special gift at a LiftUp Coffee Hour. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, we'll also recognize you on our website.


  1. Visit the LiftUp Donation Page
  2. Click donate on the right side
  3. Scroll down and enter your monthly amount
  4. Choose recurring donation frequency
  5. Enter your recurring donation details
  6. Complete the remainder of the form
  7. Click ADD TO CART and checkout!



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Current Participants

Michael & Beth Barnes

Michael & Jennifer Berdine

Alois & Kathleen Burda

Casal Family Fund

Joseph & Karen Defeo

Sharon & Brodie Farquhar

Kenneth Flagg

Margaret Catie Greene

Michael & Cindy Kraft

Lauter Family Charitable Fund

James Madden

Ann & Scot Mitchell

Susan Mizen & Jeff Troeger

Dana & Kiva Patten

Robin & Robert Schuellein

Ronald & Sally Wackowski