“A kind gesture can reach a wound only compassion can heal.” ~Steve Maraboli

Time and money are two of the most precious commodities any of us has. Gifting financially helps LiftUp continue to help others … so, THANK YOU!

Monetary donations constitute a significant portion of our financial needs, and it allows us to continue to meet the needs of the community. Just a few ways we’ve expanded our services thanks to our generous neighbors:

  • We were able to build a Greenhouse to grow fresh produce for our Food Banks
  • We have opened Food Banks in Hayden and Oak Creek to serve the full breadth of Routt County.
  • We were able to purchase a larger building to expand the Thrift Store and Steamboat Food Bank.
  • We expanded our Kids’ meal program to reach kids during the summer months.
  • We introduced the Hope for the Future Scholarship to help adults looking to further their education and grow in their journey to self-sufficiency.

Our Annual Fund is a critical component to our organization; it allows us to manage a large organization that is focused on supporting Routt County. Contributing to this fund allows us to allocate financial resources where they are needed most. This includes, but isn’t limited to, hiring passionate staff members that bring our mission to life, maintaining our buildings, keeping food stocked in our Food Banks, ensuring necessary funding for all programs, and community outreach to our neighbors in need.

Rocket Pack is a snack program that sends healthy snacks to kids in Routt County. Currently, we are sending over 600 snacks six days a week … but there are more kids that need it. We are continually reaching out to the community to increase our Rocket Pack program so that no child goes hungry in Routt County.


All funds allocated to our Food Banks ensure that our 3 locations have all of the necessary resources to end hunger in Routt County. This includes keeping the shelves stocked, hiring compassionate staff members, maintaining the Food Bank buildings, and any rent/mortgage for the locations.

With this program, you can ‘adopt’ a shelf in our Food Banks to keep it stocked for an entire year! In the Food Banks, we show our gratitude to these passionate sponsors on aisle plaques.


In times of trouble, displacement from homes could create longer-term challenges. This program offers a one-month payment of mortgage/rent to keep neighbors in their homes while they stabilize.

Utility bills often consume a majority of monthly financial resources, and winters can be especially daunting. This program helps pay for costly utility bills so that neighbors in need can get back on their feet.


Empowering growth in Routt County neighbors looking to further their education, the Hope for the Future Scholarships pays for classes or courses to encourage continues growth and development.

Dealing with complex, long-term financial challenges, Case Managers use this fund to get Routt County neighbors to stability.


If you are inspired by our mission and would like to create a partnership beyond these options, please reach out to Sue, LiftUp's Executive Director

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