Our Mission

Respecting the dignity of every person, LiftUp serves our community by providing resources and assistance to meet basic human needs and strengthen self-sufficiency.

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Our History

LiftUp - Life's Inter-Faith Team against Unemployment and Poverty.

LiftUp of Routt County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in May 1996 by the Steamboat Springs Ministerial Association and several local church communities to provide charitable assistance for people in need. Here is how we have grown since that time.

Our Food Bank and Emergency Assistance programs opened to the public in May 1996. Our LiftUp Community Thrift Store opened its doors in October 1997. Our Oak Creek Food Bank in south Routt county opened in October 2000. Our Hayden Food Bank opened in May 2001. The Lufkin LiftUp Center, housing all Steamboat Springs programs and offices, was dedicated January 10, 2007.

We expanded in 2016 to purchase the building next to ours to house our Steamboat Springs Food Bank and our Community Support programs office.

Today, LiftUp is comprised of three departments: Our Food Banks/Community Support Center, our Thrift Store, and our Donation Center. We also have our Community Gardens, comprised of a greenhouse and eighteen raised garden beds, in which we grow food for our Food Banks. We accept gently used, donated goods from community members and, in turn, sell them in our Thrift Store to help fund our numerous community support programs and operations.

Vision Statement

LiftUp is a trusted and responsive community leader providing essential support so that people can thrive in Routt County


Founded upon the Judeo-Christian commitment of compassionate ministry to those in need, LiftUp’s core values are:

  • Integrity - Be accountable to clients, supporters, partners, volunteers, staff and each other. Steward our resources wisely. Uphold our reputation with honesty and transparency
  • Service - Seek out the needs of the community. Strive to exceed expectations with special effort and empathy. Demonstrate authentic, compassionate care.
  • Empowerment - Encourage education and self-advocacy. Embody LiftUp’s values in our attitudes, words, and actions. Promote positive change.
  • Collaboration - Cultivate partnerships and engage community members. Value, listen to, and respectfully respond to input and feedback from all voices that we serve. Foster a unified team approach.

In Routt County, 11% of our neighbors live in poverty. Routt County has a diverse makeup with the communities of Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Oak Creek and west and south Routt communities.

Income inequality is a leading indicator of financial stresses on a community. Routt County has been ranked #3 in the state of Colorado for income inequality. While the top 1% of the Steamboat Springs population makes $2,507,070, the remaining 99% average $71,006. That gap creates a higher cost of living that the majority of residents can't afford (Based on 2015 data from the Economic Policy Institute).