Our Mission

Founded upon the Judeo-Christian commitment of ministry to those in need, LiftUp provides charitable assistance, without discrimination, to meet basic human needs, while fostering self-sufficiency.

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Our History

LiftUp - Life's Inter-Faith Team against Unemployment and Poverty.

In May 1996, LiftUp was founded as a grassroots 501(c)(3) to serve as an arm of the Routt County Christian Ministerial Association to serve neighbors in need. Although Routt County has changed, and so has our organization, our vision and mission still honor our founders.

Still today, we believe...

  • All humans deserve to thrive.
  • Basic human needs are the bare minimum to survive: food, shelter and clothing.
  • It is an honor to serve those who find themselves in need.
  • Everyone, at some point, will stumble.
  • No shame should be felt for asking for help.

We have a vision for everyone to thrive where they live. We are blessed to live in Routt County and the beauty that surrounds us shouldn't be limited to only those that are financially stable.

We are also aware that Routt County has economic challenges that can be masked by our beautiful surroundings.

In Routt County, 11% of our neighbors live in poverty. Routt County has a diverse makeup with the communities of Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Oak Creek and west and south Routt communities.

Income inequality is a leading indicator of financial stresses on a community. Routt County has been ranked #3 in the state of Colorado for income inequality. While the top 1% of the Steamboat Springs population makes $2,507,070, the remaining 99% average $71,006. That gap creates a higher cost of living that the majority of residents can't afford (Based on 2015 data from the Economic Policy Institute).