LiftUp Steamboat Food Bank

Food Banks

We believe that we can reduce hunger in Routt County, where 11% of our neighbors live in poverty. In 2022, over 256,930 pounds of food and 2,985 boxes of USDA food staples were distributed. Do you need food assistance? Case

LiftUp Donation Center

Donation Center

The Donation Center accepts item donations Wednesday and Friday 10 AM to 4 PM.  Your in-kind goods donations are the sole contributor to our Thrift Store! The revenue from the Thrift Store generates almost HALF of the support we put

LiftUp Thrift Store Clothing

Thrift Store

By choosing to shop at our Thrift Store, you are helping us give back to Routt County. All sales from the Thrift Store are used to fund our operations and programs. In 2022, over 222,740 items were sold! Thrift Store

LiftUp Rocket Pack Snack Assembly

Free Summer Lunch Program

A child's need for nutritious food doesn't end with the school year. LiftUp of Routt County offers weekly meals for school-aged children during the summer, free of charge, through the Rocket Pack Summer Lunch Program.

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“I’m so relieved and thankful for LiftUp’s help. I felt alone and unsupported, but the assistance you provided gives me hope and is just what I need to get back on my feet.”


“I’m so touched and encouraged by this assistance. I would love to do community service for LiftUp and pay it forward. Your help has given me a boost to heal and get back on my feet so I can work again. Thank you!”


Serve clients and our mission!

Whether you sort donations, arrange Thrift Store displays, stock Food Bank shelves, or garden in our greenhouse, you'll be helping.

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