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Power Up Work Readiness Program

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Power Up is a holistic job-readiness program created by LiftUp that focuses on participants’ individual strengths while addressing specific barriers keeping participants from finding and keeping full time, year-round employment.

Using LiftUp’s donation center, thrift store and food bank as job training “incubators,” LiftUp’s team assists clients working to identify and address issues that impact their employability.  These issues could be anything from professionalism to communication skills.  LiftUp personalizes the program for each participant, assisting in accessing resources to address mental health, physical health or legal issues that may impact a participant’s well-being.

Power Up participants are coached on job searching, resume writing, and interviewing.  Once a participant has found a job, LiftUp staff continues to meet regularly with the participant to highlight successes and address complications or issues that arise.   LiftUp’s work readiness specialist also maintains contact with the employer to further support the success of each Power Up participant.

The ultimate goal of this program is to see participants grow personally and professionally as they gain the skills and confidence they need to be thriving members of the workforce.