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How to hold a food drive for the Food Bank

If you’d like to hold a food drive for Lift-Up, please download the Food Drive Registration Form and return it to us by email at foodbank@springsips.com or by fax to 970-870-1935 before the food drive begins.

A list of items the Lift-Up Food Bank frequently is in need of follows below. If you can’t remember specific names, just remember P, T, and C:

  • P: Paper towels, pasta, pasta sauce, peaches, pears, peanut butter, pancake mix (and syrup), potatoes (canned/instant), peas
  • T: Toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, tomato sauce, tomatoes (diced, stewed, etc.) tuna, tea
  • C: Cereal (healthy), condiments (ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressings, etc.), coffee, corn

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Food Bank Manager Sherri McKnight at 970-870-8804 or foodbank@springsips.com, or Assistant Food Bank Manager Elizabeth Black at asstfoodbank@springsips.com.