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2012 in review at Lift-Up

2012 was a remarkable year for Lift-Up of Routt County marked by undeniable change and progress.

The Emergency Assistance and Food Bank program launched the Summer Lunch Program to help low-income children have enough nutritious food during the months they’re not in school and expanded the School Backpack Program in the fall to all four public elementary schools, providing low-income children with nutritious food over the weekend. We started holding monthly Money Matters and What’s Cookin’ meetings to help clients with money management and nutritious cooking, respectively. Our annual coat drive was a tremendous success, with 228 warm winter coats distributed to Routt County residents in need. And the Routt County Bridges Initiative graduated 12 students from the first¬†“Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin’ By World” class.

The following breakdown of the numbers illustrates how many clients Lift-Up helped in 2012, and in what capacity:

  • In 2012, Lift-Up served a total of 2,512 different individuals. There were 1,386 different households given a variety of assistance.
  • Food and personal products amounted to 8,465 bags, valued at a total of $216,401.
  • Assistance to 180 non-local transients with food, clothing, lodging, fuel or transportation amounted to $9,463 from the Community Care Fund.
  • The Healthcare Fund helped with prescriptions, dental visits, medical visits or eye care needs amounting to $11,847 for 122 persons.
  • The Special Needs Fund, available for a variety of purposes up to $500 per household, assisted 107 households with $45,253.
  • The Hayden Community Fund, similar to the Special Needs Fund, is available for low-income residents of Hayden up to $300 per household, in collaboration with the Hayden Lions Club. In 2012, 12 families were helped with $2,860.
  • The Lift-Up Housing Needs Fund provides once-in-a-lifetime assistance solely for up to one month’s rent or mortgage. In 2012, $30,235 was expended from this fund for 34 households, averaging $889. An additional 125 households were helped with rent payments totaling another $49,529¬†from other funds (Special Needs, etc.).
  • Utility assistance is granted to those in need, as long as they first apply for LEAP through the Department of Human Services. The majority of Lift-Up’s assistance, $35,844 for 169 households, is possible through grants from Energy Outreach Colorado each year. In addition, Lift-Up has a separate Utility Assistance Fund to help with critical repeat requests, or those who may not be eligible for EOC money. From that fund in 2012, Lift-Up assisted 37 households with $8,711 in assistance.
  • Though not part of Lift-Up’s own financial resources, Lift-Up is the administrator of Routt County Salvation Army funds. Last year, 85 households were helped with $15,372 for a variety of needs.
  • Lift-Up has two units at the Iron Horse Inn for the Transitional Housing Program, which assisted seven households in 2012 for a total of $10,900.

The Lift-Up Community Thrift Store program provides low-cost clothing and household goods for low to moderate income residents, as well as anyone in the community. Through this program, Lift-Up and other agencies can give vouchers for merchandise to clients in need, as well. In 2012, 93 families were helped with $1,408 through vouchers, and the 2012 revenue from the Community Thrift Store provided for all the costs of the program and operation, plus provided about $127,000 toward funding the Emergency Assistance and Food Bank program.

Overall, the total from all resources given as emergency assistance funding through Lift-Up was about $169,077 in 2012. When added to the total of in-kind food and clothing assistance, Lift-Up helped people with a grand total of $387,000.